Solar Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

Benefits of Solar Energy

We get the solar power from the radiation of the sun. The sun is at the center of the solar system and from that place, it gives earth all the necessary energy it needs. The sun is the cause of life in this planet and if from tomorrow, sun does not start rising then, the living world will collapse in a matter of second.

The sun is most powerful source of energy and this source of energy can be harnessed by the installing of the solar panels. Do you know you can meet the total energy need of the whole world for one year with the energy produced by the sun in just one hour? Are you surprised? But, yes, this is the truth. This has been proved theoretically. However, we are able to only harness 0.001 percent of the total energy. Powered Portable Solar has made it easy reviews for people understand why having a generator that you can take with you is an easy tool to have in your kit.

Solar can be found all over the world

There are many reasons for which the solar energy is a hot topic right now. While many criticize the solar energy but in reality there are hundreds of benefits of this energy. Here are some below:

  1. Renewable energy: This is a renewable energy. Like fuels or electricity bill, you do not need to refill it every day. The only thing that you need to wait for is the sun to come out. The solar panels on your home and office will collect the necessary power. The best thing about this energy is it can be used anywhere in the world and it is available every day. Unlike some major sources of energy, we cannot get run out of the solar energy. This energy will be accessible as long as we have the sun and from some theories, it can be said that, for next 5 billion years we do not have to worry about the sunlight.
  2. Reduces the electricity bill: Since the energy requirement of your house will be met with the solar panels so gradually the bill will drop. The amount of bill you will save is dependent on the size of the solar panel you have installed at your house. In addition to this, you will not only saving the bill but you will also be generating more electricity that your usage and the extra will go back to the grid and you will receive payment for this.
  3. Diverse application: The solar energy can be used in a broad range of purposes. You can generate electricity or heat with the help of solar energy and this can be used in the production of electricity in the area that does not have access to the electricity grid. It can also be sued in placed that do not have the access to clean water. Solar panels can be integrated to the materials used in building.
  4. Low cost: Of course, this is one of the most reliable and cheap source of energy. You do not need money for the fuel cost or maintenance. The only thing that you need to do is, keep it clean.

These are the benefit of solar power. So, when will start using it in your place?